Why F1 Drivers Love The British GP

24 May 2023, Location

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The excitement is building...we're now only a matter of weeks from what promises to be the biggest F1 British GP Silverstone has ever held. Every year, this is an event that just delivers as the jewel in the crown of a packed annual racing calendar. It's one of the races within the F1 season that ranks consistently highest amongst fans. But it isn't just the spectators who say this: the drivers themselves are arguably the biggest advocates of Silverstone Circuit when it comes to the F1 British Grand Prix...


Photo: Formula 1 via Getty Images

1. Sir Lewis Hamilton


Sir Lewis has won the British GP eight times, with the International Pit Straight being renamed Hamilton Straight in his honour back in 2020. Arguably he kick-started his F1 career with a test for McLaren here at Silverstone in 2004. After the '22 British GP, Sir Lewis said that this was 'F1 racing at its best" as he, Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez traded places.

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Photo: Formula 1

2. George Russell


"Silverstone has such a fond place in my heart; it's where I did my first ever test in a Formula 1 car. [Winning here] would mean a huge amount, but I want my first podium at Silverstone to be on the top step, so that's what I am absolutely going for. Not that I'd back off on the last lap if I'm second or third to not be on the podium."

Lando Norris Union Jack Hat Planetf1
Photo: Formula 1, cover photo: McLaren

3. Lando Norris


"I'm British, so my home race, Silverstone is always my favourite. For me, Silverstone is always the most special. You're flat out from the exit of Luffield, all the way to the final part of Becketts," says Lando: "...coolest thing in the world. I love you Silverstone."

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Photo: Formula 1

4. Max Verstappen


"The corners at Silverstone are insanely fast and Copse is flat out! Maggots is also flat out in seventh gear which is already crazy, especially in qualifying as you don’t even tap the brake anymore, you just downshift."

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Photo: Williams

5. Alex Albon


"Every driver loves Silverstone because it’s the sort of track where these fantastic cars really come to life, making use of all that downforce through the high-speed stuff. I consider it to be one of the top three F1 tracks,” says Alex: “It’s quick, it’s flowing and it’s everything a driver really likes. It's a special circuit made better by all the fans who come out to show their support."

Fernando Alonso Aston Martin A
Photo: Aston Martin F1

6. Fernando Alonso


Two-time Silverstone winner Alonso describes Silverstone as a “real racer’s track." Since moving from Alpine to Aston Martin last year, Alonso can also call Silverstone home. After the '22 race, in which he placed fifth, he said: “This circuit – we knew it would be one of the best with the high-speed corners.It's one of my favourite circuits in the whole season."

Carlos Sainz Thumb Up Planetf1
Photo: Alamy Stock Photo

7. Carlos Sainz


After his win in 2022: "It is a day I will never forget. A very special weekend in general. I am very happy. Lewis was on it I've heard but we were able to stay on it. Silverstone is a special place for me. My very first race win in Formula 3 and 12 years later I get the same result in Formula One. It's a special result for me."

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Photo: Alpine

8. Pierre Gasly


"It’s a circuit I appreciate a lot, it’s very fast and you get an incredible feeling from the car in some sections, particularly Maggotts and Becketts," says Pierre: "The atmosphere is quite special here and I’m looking forward to an interesting weekend.” Alpine's Enstone-based factory is less than an hour from Silverstone.


Photo: Haas F1

9. Kevin Magnussen


On the latest generation of F1 car, Magnussen says: "They're heavier, so in high-speed corners you're going to really feel the weight but they still have a tonne of downforce so they're still gonna be super quick and very, very fun. Through Maggotts and Becketts is great fun, they're very stiff so you can't take the same amount of curb [as in the past] so that's going to be different but it's still going to be great."

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Photo: Charles Leclerc, Scuderia Ferrari

10. Charles Leclerc


"Silverstone is a track I love," says Charles: "It's the home of motorsport it's where it all started. It's just a very, very special track. Especially with those new cars, now we are incredibly quick in all those high speed corners and it's so satisfying as a driver to drive there."

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