Top 10 Cars To Drive At Silverstone

22 March 2022, Automotive

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We've put together our top 10 cars we'd drive around the famous Silverstone Circuit if we were staying trackside at Escapade. As you're aware, Escapade is located on the edge of track and each residence features either a secure double garage or carport. We also offer secure permanent storage for when you're not staying. 

We've been indulging in a little day-dreaming and putting together a shopping list of those cars that we would choose to take around the GP Circuit. We all like variety, so although these are track-inspired they all offer very different experiences on the tarmac.

In no particular order, from the fire-breathing old-school BRM to the aerodynamic Praga R1 - if you don't see a car for you here, you probably don't get the same kicks that we do from getting on track... 


20200928 Mclaren 02
Photo: Everrati

1. Everrati GT40 Superformance


Passion is at the heart of the GT40 Superformance: Everrati founder Justin couldn't find what he was looking for to bridge the gap between eco and driver involvement in the electric car world, so he set out to build his own vision. Following the Porsche 964 and Land Rover Series IIA, the GT40 is the latest model to benefit from his team's expertise. Mated to a genuine Shelby chassis, Everrati's all-electric powertrain provides the optimum weight distribution in line with the original car. With an options list including both auditory and haptic feedback, which awaken the senses and connect directly to the cabin's main touch points, the era of FUN electric cars is upon us. 

Photo: Porsche AG

2. Porsche 911 '992' GT3


The latest 911 to receive the GT3 treatment from the legendary team at Zuffenhausen, the '992' generation GT3 has been met, perhaps unsurprisingly, with critical acclaim. A naturally-aspirated 4.0-litre flat-six and a manual gearbox allow for a 3.9-second 0-62mph time. GT-boss Andreas Preuninger has overseen the development of a truly great drivers car in an era where such involvement can seem increasingly rare.

20200928 Mclaren 01 (1)
Photo: Patrick Gosling

3. McLaren 765 LT


As high-performance cars go, you would be hard-pressed to better the 765 LT for some track time at Silverstone. On your way towards the north of 200mph, you soon learn that the 765 LT means business: 80kg lighter than the 720S on which its based, it also pulls much more strongly thanks to revised gearing. And when you want to put a stop to things, its brakes (lifted from the Senna hypercar) stop it in just 110m from 124mph. Want.

Chassi IV V16 Mk 1Revealed For The First Time At Blyton Race Track 7Th September 2021 Scaled
Photo: BRM

4. BRM P15 V16


Track noise limits are not something you'd normally need to pay too much attention to - especially at Silverstone where a 105db maximum allows for most activity to take place unabated. British Racing Motors (BRM) are certainly trying to challenge your eardrums, and track noise limits with the V16 engine built to period-correct specifications using 36,000 parts. Only three will be built thanks to the discovery of a limited quantity of original 1950s chassis numbers.

Praga R1 By Www Tadeasmarek Cz
Photo: Praga Cars UK

5. Praga R1


For those who want to test their limits in a 'purer' racing car, Praga's R1 is arguably the ideal place to gain experience on track with a full aero body. Made by the 100+ year-old Czech brand, the R1 is a miniature Le Mans car in appearance, and even has its own racing series for 2022, which includes two rounds at Silverstone. Any aspiring racing driver would be in good company - Praga's driver line up is as star-studded as it is impressive on the tarmac. 

Svd Dls Lg
Photo: Singer

6. Singer DLS


The ultimate Porsche? With their first model, Singer took a 964 and completely reworked it with a 'greatest hits' of parts from the 911's recent history. With the DLS (Dynamic Lightweighting Study), things are taken to the next level in terms of performance thanks to its development in conjunction with Williams Advanced Engineering. There's certainly room in our garage...

Aston Martin Valkyrie And Valhalla On Track
Photo: Aston Martin Lagonda

7. Aston Martin Valhalla


Developed a stone's throw from Escapade at Aston's R&D centre on Silverstone's Stowe Complex, the Valhalla is billed as the Valkyrie's little sibling. But don't let this fool you into thinking it's playing second fiddle: a twin-turbo V6 with hybrid assistance is likely to surpass 1,000bhp. All this in a car we're assured will weigh less than 1.4 tonnes. A car that practically belongs at Escapade. Merging beautiful design and performance? We approve.

03 2018 Ferrari Monza Sp2
Photo: Ferrari North Europe

8. Ferrari Monza


For those seeking a V12 supercar with an illustrious heritage and a track-focused ethos, there's the Monza. Taking an 812 Superfast and relieving it of its roof (ok, there's a little more to the engineering than that), the carbon-bodied Monza was made available to Ferrari's VIP clients in either single or dual-seat configuration. With paint specifications harking back to the firm's 1950s liveries, it's a completely unapologetic celebration of the marque.

Methode Sundaytimes Prod Web Bin 48A32c64 19Eb 11Eb 9310 80Eb93b6f705
Photo: Alfaholics

9. Alfaholics GTA-R


On the subject of fully carbon sports cars...Alfaholics will tailor your build to exceed your most exacting and personalised requirements. 3,000 hours of build time go into each GTA-R, which are billed as the ultimate expression of the little 105 series Alfa. Having seen the Alfaholics team at full send past Escapade in a GTA-R, and becoming totally hooked on the sound and spectacle, we simply couldn't leave it off the list.

74E211a4 Df47 4396 Abe9 711C689005b2 T.33+ +14+Jan+2022+ +02
Photo: Gordon Murray Automotive

10. Gordon Murray T33


If all 100 examples of Gordon Murray's £1.4m T33 were not already sold, we'd be advising you to seek one out. As with Aston's Valhalla to the Valkyrie, T33 is on paper the junior sibling to the T50. Similar in proportion to a modern Boxster, yet powered by a V12 designed by Cosworth, the likelihood that the T33 will be brilliant is pretty high. Based on Gordon Murray's CV, which of course is headed up by the iconic McLaren F1, we're all for it. The first T33 will be delivered to customers in 2024.

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